I had the marvelous opportunity to host an internet radio show called "Dr. Leah and You" on the now defunct Jewishtalkradio.com. The show dealt with women's issues and served as a platform to educate and inspire. It aired live Wednesdays from 1-2 NY time and could be heard all over the world! Fans were able to listen by logging in to JewishTalkRadio.com and clicking "listen live" or by calling in. The opportunity for live input was arranged via manned phone lines. Archives of previous shows were available on the site as well.
          Here's just a taste of our exciting line up. Our first guest was Perel Grossman , author of "Adventures in the Produce Aisle and other Perelous Tales" and coordinator of educational trips for womento Israel. After that we had Chaya Friedman about whose life the book "Yes I Can!" was written. She has spoken on the Chazak Hotline about the challenges of her life as a wife and mother with Spina Bifida.  Miriam Shiffer, well known matchmaker and proprietor of Miriam’s place, a wig salon for women who lost their hair due to medical treatment, joined us one week advising us how to best navigate the dating scene.  We also had a show about the physical and emotional benefits of Therapeutic Touch with Michelle Lewish who is known for this treatment in both Israel and the US!  Ahuva Gray, world reknowned minister turned convert and author of “Journey to the Land of my Soul” as well as other books, led us through her personal journey.
          Rena Resnick enlightened us with her novel “connection to others” methods and then went on to host her own show following mine called “Jewish Discovery Hour”.  Rebbetzin Rochel Pessin told us of the life of her illustrious father as he transitioned from Rov in the shtetls of Europe to Rov in NY.  Women’s health is obviously an important topic in a women’s talk show and we had in interview with Ruth Grant, RN who spoke about our need to take care of ourselves.  The classroom setting is Toby Lebowitz’ stage and her comedic tales of how to run a classroom were entertaining.  Hadassah Davids, a convert and former opera star, inspired us with tales of her personal challenges of raising two sons with special needs
     A true accomplished woman is known for her financial prowess, challah and family and the show had this all covered.  Shoshana Raff, the entrepreneur behind The Kosher Shopaholic gave us an education in business.  Devorah Heller, the Challah Maven really made our baking fingers itch.  Henny Garfinkel, Doula, shared her thoughts on the beauty of childbirth.
          Matchmaking with the special needs’ population was addressed by Jenny Waldman in her touching interview.  The compelling personal account of escaping from Hungary was shared by Esther Strasser in a two-part interview.  Shani Hikind of the Ateret Cohanim Project discussed the rebirth of settling parts of Yerushalayim that had previously been only a dream.  Esti Goldshmidt of Chai Lifeline told us about the multifaceted work of the organization so well known for helping ill children and their families.  Well known film producer and Agunah advocate Leta Lenik joined us as well. Each week left the listeners with some new and uplifting message. Click the links below for some of the inspiring interviews. 

Dr Leah and You

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