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     I received my Doctorate in Psychology from the Yeshiva University Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology after earning my Master of Science in Education and a Sixth Year Professional Certificate in School Psychology from Queens College of the City University of New York.  I graduated from college with honors.  Being licensed as a Psychologist in the State of New York for over twenty years has provided me the opportunity to work in a myriad of settings.  My experience is multifaceted and includes work with individuals and couples, from preschoolers through geriatrics.  Depression, anxiety, and various mood disorders are addressed in a caring, empathic environment which fosters enhanced coping and personal growth.  My experience includes an understanding of the workings of  skilled nursing facilities, early intervention programs and special needs agencies.  I have performed evaluations necessary for bariatric surgery as well as the evaluations necessary for No-Fault claims.    In addition to the work that I do in my practice, helping individuals navigate the challenges of life, I have also taught and lectured in various settings.  Using the internet to its fullest, I hosted my own talk show called "Dr. Leah and You" (see the talk show section of this site).  I am also a veteran columnist, using the pen as a medium to reach people (see the library page of this site).  My Book, "The Scare", is a reflection of emotional experience and coping (see The Book section of this site).  I am active in my community and volunteer my time to help those in need in several capacities.  Never content in what I already know, I take continuing education classes and consult with colleagues to improve my ability to help you even more.